Looking for a way to go above and beyond? I adore clients who strive to make my life easier.

  • Food. It's not uncommon for me to skip meals due to my hectic schedule. Bring me snacks from Reverie Bakeshop in Richardson, a Whole Foods gift card, comfort food from Spiral Diner (my favorite!), or organic groceries for a healthy meal. 

  • Filming. If we've already played together privately at least three times, I may have use for you on camera. My filming rate is slightly lower than my rate for a private session. Per industry standard, a signed model release form and two valid forms of government identification are required. More information can be found here.

  • Cleaning. Why spend hours cleaning my dungeon when an eager submissive like you can work up a sweat instead? As this involves access to my beloved play space and adherence to strict guidelines, this position is reserved for my most trusted pets.

A Note About Personal Slaves:

I'm frequently asked if I have any positions for slaves or errand boys in my personal life. Unfortunately, most of the time this translates into a thinly-veiled request for free play as reward for minimal effort. It takes time and effort for me to train a slave/errand boy, and more often than not, I find it's not worth my time. While I'm certainly open to training the right individual, I only consider applicants who have played with me privately at least three times. Much like my relationships with my clients, my relationships with my slaves are strictly platonic: I didn't become a Dominatrix because I needed help finding a boyfriend. You'll have to be especially impressive to serve me now that COVID's around.

Dallas Dominatrix Mistress Petra Hunter

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