Dallas Dominatrix Mistress Petra Hunter

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Little Rock -- February TBD

Chicago -- February 18-20

Oklahoma City -- February 25-26

Philadelphia -- March 10-12

Houston -- March TBD

Though I love playing in Dallas, I love to travel! Upcoming tour dates are always posted in my website header, as well as on social media and FetLife. Additionally, I visit Houston, Oklahoma City, and Arkansas roughly every three months. If you just can't wait for me to return on a planned date, I'm available to travel outside of my schedule provided the session is at least two hours long. For travel outside of these areas, I expect to be compensated for airfare, lodging, and other travel expenses in addition to my standard rates.

My time is especially valuable when traveling. If I'm visiting your city and you cancel within twenty-four hours of your scheduled session, your remaining balance must be submitted through the payment method of my choice immediately. A cancellation not only causes me to lose your appointment, but also the appointment of anyone else who wanted your time slot. In the future, should I allow you a second chance to serve me, your entire balance will be due up front.

If you'd like to make my upcoming travels more pleasant, I adore practical gift cards to Hotels.com, Southwest Airlines, Whole Foods, and Lyft. These surprises may be sent to Petra@PetraHunter.com.

I'm happy to travel privately with trusted clients as long as all travel expenses are covered (airfare, separate lodging, meals, etc.) in addition to my standard rate of $3000 per day. This rate includes up to twelve hours of time with me (both for play and socializing) per day.