I'm currently unavailable for social time due to COVID-19.


Unless otherwise noted, all social time starts at $300 per hour.

Pre-Session Consultation

Are you nervous about meeting me for the first time? Let's grab lunch or coffee and talk through your concerns as we get to know each other a bit better prior to play. Please note that this is not an acceptable alternative to providing the information I request on my Session Request Form.

Underground Dinners (starts at $250 flat-rate plus expenses)

I'm going through a bit of a foodie phase, and one of my favorite ways to explore my newfound love of fine dining is through attending underground dinners. I'm currently offering social time at the dinners of my choosing for a discounted rate: you'll cover only one hour of social time with me plus our tickets (usually $100-150 each). As these events are usually BYOB, you'll also supply a quality wine or fresh bottle of liquor should you wish to drink with me. Please come prepared to tip the chefs and servers generously.

Tattoo Support

Nervous about getting inked? Whether it's your first time getting tattooed or you're a seasoned collector getting work done on an especially painful spot, I'm happy to come to the shop with you to make your experience a little more memorable. While I certainly can't lessen the pain you'll experience, I'm happy to do what I can to make your time a bit easier to handle with the perfect cocktail of light conversation, cheesy jokes, and emotional support.


Fashion Advice

Do you need a woman's help with your sense of style? It's important to look and feel your best, and whether you're shopping for a big date, a game-changing interview, or just a new everyday look, I can certainly lend a hand! Bring me with you on an upcoming shopping trip, and I'll be happy to contribute my honest opinion. I'm happy to help you decide what styles, colors, and fabrics look most flattering.

Dallas Dominatrix Mistress Petra Hunter

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