I don't believe in traditional review boards for a number of reasons, but I understand the importance of making an educated decision prior to booking time with me. For this reason, below I've listed excerpts from client emails after our time together.

i'm doing great and can't express how awesome You made this experience for me. You put so much of yourself into the prep and the play and it shows. Few could actualize another's lifelong fantasy so thoroughly and You totally exceeded mine. ... You have this combination of class, creativity, and intelligence coupled with insanely hot looks, compassion and tremendous professional drive. You're easily one of the most respectable people i've met and that's what made this experience so perfect.

-- h. w.

I enjoyed our session so much, It was even better than I had anticipated. ... It was a great pleasure to meet you. I hope we have many sessions in the future. 

-- m. b.

Thank You so much for the great experience, i surely will be back for more whenever the opportunity next presents itself. I really appreciate how incredibly nice You are and how much You obviously care about the well being of Your subs.

-- s. j.

I just wanted to thank you so very much for our time together today. It was… amazing, mesmerizing, transforming, powerful, staggering, humbling, liberating, enslaving, magical, slavegasmatic, debasing, connecting, exhilarating. I confess to being proud of myself for not completely throwing myself at your feet afterwards and showering your boots with kisses in worship (though that is definitely how I felt). Sitting here, writing, I feel like my true self – a slave, a sissy, a cuck, a fuckhole, a subclass, a bitch, property. And am so very very grateful to you for it.

-- f. d.

Dallas Dominatrix Mistress Petra Hunter

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