I don't believe in traditional review boards for a number of reasons, but I understand the importance of making an educated decision prior to booking time with me. For this reason, below I've listed recent excerpts from client emails after our time together. To keep my page clean, these reviews only span a four-month period as opposed to the duration of my career.

Since this was a first-ever non-vanilla experience for me, I want to thank you for making it one of the most memorable days of my life. Thank you for taking the time to understand my deepest and darkest desires.
-- L., Oct. 2020, Denver 

I have some fantastic bruises, so thank you for the marks. I can't wait to book another session and see what new devious situations you'll create. Thank you so much for our last session, I really get a lot out of them.
-- C., Oct. 2020, Dallas

I had a great time with you and all the things you did to me were needless to say, intense in the best ways possible.

-- M., Sept. 2020, Dallas

I had that fantasy in my mind for years ... the moment I crossed that door and I saw you and you started to talk to me, I don't know what happened to my body, I felt that I didn't have the control anymore. ... I couldn't stop thinking about you, I couldn't stop thinking about how attractive you are in every aspect, I felt impressed with you as a woman, your personality, your professionalism in how you handle your business, how you could go from having a casual conversation to being a completely total dominatrix and make me feel that I was in my fantasy. ... You left me infatuated.

-- M., Sept. 2020, Dallas 


Just like the first session, the experience was everything I was hoping for and more.

-- J., June 2020, Dallas

You made all of my fantasies come true and some that I didn't even know I had. I have told you how much I appreciate you but I cannot truly express how much you actually did.

-- A., June 2020, Dallas 

Dallas Dominatrix Mistress Petra Hunter

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