Dallas Dominatrix Mistress Petra Hunter

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Please read this page thoroughly before confirming your booking. My rules are simple, and failure to comply may result in a shortened session or complete dismissal from our time together.

When playing with me, arrive on time and in clean, vanilla clothing. Be punctual, as tardiness will cut into our time together. Arrive freshly showered and with brushed teeth, and if you need to freshen up upon arrival, you're more than welcome to take a quick shower and use Listerine. It's imperative you arrive sober: I refuse to play with anyone under the influence of drugs or alcohol. This is for our mutual safety. If I determine you're intoxicated and therefore unfit to play, you'll be promptly ejected from my playspace without a refund. As a Dominant, I work hard to make sure our interactions are always safe, sane, and consensual, and I expect the same care from you.

If you'd like to bring a gift, a list of suggestions may be found here.


A 50% deposit is required to confirm your booking, and you're responsible for any remainder in cash upon arrival. This deposit is nonrefundable and, in the case of a cancellation, nontransferable. Deposits are currently accepted through two popular payment apps (no P*yP*l, unfortunately), and gift cards are also accepted for an additional fee. Details about the deposit will be given to you after I complete your screening and confirm we're compatible. While I'm happy to extend your session if able, I don't downgrade after a deposit has been left: if you deposit for two hours, you may not shorten your appointment to simply an hour unless you cover the full tribute for your original booking. If you'd like to bring home a pair of my dirty stockings or panties after our time together, the expense will be due up front with the deposit. 


I take sessions daily at my private dungeon from 10 AM until 10 PM. Requests for a session outside of my posted hours will be subject to an additional fee of at least $100. Same-day sessions can be arranged for an additional $100 as well. I'm a busy Mistress with an active personal life, so remember, you're requesting I change my plans to accommodate you.

Perhaps you're in town for business and it's inconvenient to come to my dungeon. For this reason, I offer outcall sessions to approved locations within central Dallas for a roundtrip fee of $150, in addition to any other charges incurred like valet parking. For areas outside of central Dallas, I charge an additional $100 roundtrip per twenty minutes of travel time. I don't provide outcalls to private residences unless we've played together elsewhere at least three times.


Life gets in the way sometimes, and I'm happy to reschedule your booking if I hear from you at least two days prior to your session. Bookings must be rescheduled within seven days of the original appointment, and they may only be rescheduled once. Deposits are nonrefundable: if an appointment is cancelled completely, you'll have to submit a new deposit for your next booking. Deposits are also nontransferable: you may not cancel a booking and put your deposit towards something else, like a phone session or social time. You may not cancel an appointment and then later ask to reschedule instead: please be sure you want to cancel completely when you reach out to do so.

If you choose to skip out on our appointment without properly cancelling or rescheduling, you'll have to submit the remainder of your balance from your original booking before I'll even consider seeing you again.

In the rare event I have to reschedule due to sudden illness or another emergency, I'll be in touch as soon as possibe to find a solution that works for both of us. 

My time is especially valuable when I'm traveling. If I'm visiting your city and you cancel within forty-eight hours of your scheduled session, your remaining balance must be submitted through the payment method of my choice immediately. Then, should I allow you a second chance to serve me, your entire balance will be due up front.

For more information about me, click here.