Photo by Four Teeth Studios. Dallas. July 2021.


Session Inquiries:​​

  • New submissives must fill out my Session Request Form, as must those who haven't seen me in at least a year. Returning submissives may email me directly to book.

  • Avoid using social media, clip sites, or other online domination platforms to initiate booking.

  • Be specific with your availability: "next Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday between 4-8 PM" is much easier for me to navigate than "after work next week." Mention any relevant time constraints.

  • My screening process is nonnegotiable. If you're hesitant to provide accurate personal information, we're not a good match.

  • Keep emails related to your booking polite, concise, and relatively tame.

  • If desired, session consultations are offered via text, phone, and cam.

My Availability:

  • I take appointments from 10 AM until 10 PM. Bookings outside my posted hours, when available, are subject to an additional fee at my discretion.

  • I prioritize experiences booked at least 48 hours in advance.

  • Same-day experiences are not available.

The Deposit:

  • A nonrefundable deposit is required to complete your booking. You're not on my calendar until I've received your deposit.

  • I accept select gift cards, a popular online payment app, and cryptocurrency. Deposit instructions will be provided after I confirm our compatibility.

  • If you're not ready to send a deposit, don't fill out my Session Request Form.

Extensions, Rescheduling, and Cancellations:

  • I'm happy to extend our session if my schedule allows.

  • To reschedule, contact me at least 48 hours prior to your appointment. Your session may be rescheduled once within two weeks of the original date before you forfeit your deposit.

  • Your deposit will also be forfeited should you reschedule within 48 hours of the original booking, cancel your appointment completely, or fail to show without properly notifying me.

  • If canceling within 48 hours of our booking, the remainder of your tribute is due immediately via the payment method of my choice.

  • Appointments booked at least four weeks in advance or during tours are subject to stricter rescheduling and cancellation policies and are dealt with on a case-by-case basis.


Appointment Confirmation:

  • The day before our appointment, I'll provide instructions for confirming you'll show at our agreed-upon time the following day.

  • Follow my directions exactly as given. If I tell you to text me, text me: don't call or email instead.

  • After a successful confirmation, I'll provide my approximate address, parking information, and details for communicating with me moving forward. Special instructions, if relevant, will be provided as well.

Grooming and Wardrobe:

  • Bathe properly before our time together. If necessary, give yourself an enema with warm water (not saline!).

  • Avoid excessive amounts of hair gel or cologne.

  • You're welcome to take a quick shower or brush your teeth should you wish to freshen up upon arrival, though I won't permit you to arrive early in order to do so.

  • Dress in clean, everyday clothing. Don't be sloppy: basketball shorts, sweats, or pajama pants are unacceptable. Shirts are to be free of visible stains, holes, or kink/fetish themes.


  • I'm only seeing submissives who provide proof of full vaccination against COVID-19.

  • Reach out promptly to reschedule should you start to feel ill in the 72 hours leading up to our session.

  • Arriving visibly unwell will result in your immediate dismissal without a refund. You won't be allowed to book with me again.

  • Use common sense: don't serve me if you're sick!


Mutual Discretion and Early Arrivals:

  • Much as you trust me to be discreet with your private information, I trust you to be discreet with mine. Follow my arrival instructions exactly as given to avoid drawing unwanted attention to either of us.

  • If you're more than five minutes early, you'll be instructed to park elsewhere until I'm ready for you.

  • Under no circumstances may you loiter outside my building or idle in your car.

  • After parking, don't leave your vehicle until I've given you explicit permission to do so.

  • Disregarding these rules shows you don't respect the integrity of my business and is grounds for immediate dismissal without a refund.


  • Present your tribute in a blank, unsealed envelope. Upon entering my reception area, promptly leave the envelope on the wooden bench of the hall tree.

  • Outside shoes aren't allowed in my dungeon. You'll be expected to remove them while we exchange pleasantries.

  • You may use the bathroom or freshen up after we finish negotiating our scene.


Session Activities:

  • Address me as Mistress or Ms. Hunter. When asked even simple questions, answer respectfully: "Yes, Mistress/Ms. Hunter/Ma'am" rather than "Yes."

  • When it comes to noise levels, don't be that one guy at the gym. There's a difference between normal vocalization and purposefully loud screaming and grunting. We're in Dallas, not the middle of the woods.

Session Clean-Up:

  • Avoid using my bath towels, hand towels, wash cloths, or bath mats if faced with messes, like puddles of water from the shower. I've designated specific towels for that purpose: notify me promptly should you need them.

  • Though I always appreciate the sentiment behind offers to help tidy up after our session, I'm quite particular when it comes to my cleaning and sanitation routine. Should you wish to clean for me at the end of our time together, add an extra hour to your desired session length when booking and notify me of your intention.