My New Dungeon

After a wonderful three years at my current space, I'm pleased to announce I'm moving my dungeon in just a few days. It's always stressful to move a dungeon, but if all goes according to plan, I'll be up and running in my new location by the middle of May. I can't wait!

Taken in March 2021 by Four Teeth Studios.

Though I'll save the bulk of this for another blog, there's a lot that goes into where a Mistress chooses to set up shop. What works for a typical residence or commercial space doesn't always work for a dungeon, and most Mistresses, myself included, spend considerably more time hunting down potential new dungeon spaces than we do for any move in our personal lives.

Finding an optimal space that meets our complex needs needs takes days of frustrating, unpaid work. That said, after countless hours spent on real estate apps, dozens and dozens of inquiry emails, and multiple days devoted strictly to location tours... I found it.

My new location is in an absolutely beautiful part of Dallas. It's easily accessible by major highways, an easy drive from Love Field, and includes private parking for your discretion. Best of all? It's larger than any space I've had before! I can't wait to fill it to the brim with new pieces of bondage furniture and kinky toys.

Should you wish to support my move or otherwise congratulate me, I could use the following:

Gift Cards

Taken in March 2021 by Four Teeth Studios.

Please send all gift cards to with the message, “Congratulations!” Be sure to message me after sending so I can properly thank you!


I love supporting smaller designers, and Etsy is perfect for that! In addition to offering plenty of wardrobe and gear options, Etsy also hosts several sellers who produce fantastic bondage furniture. Considering I have more space than ever before, new varieties of bondage furniture rank highest on my list of prorities.


With a new space comes the need for new interior décor, like curtains and rugs.


Amazon Wishlist:

I've added a few items for my new space to my Amazon Wish List. Anything for my new dungeon is marked as Highest priority and also has a note designating it as something for my new space. If you run into issues having these items shipped to my PO Box, you may send me an Amazon gift card instead and tell me what you'd planned on purchasing. I'll make the purchase myself and send you a special thank you.

I'm so excited for my move and can't wait to see where it takes me. More than anything, though, I'm looking forward to seeing you there on your knees.