June 2021 Update

Polaroids taken in Dallas by The Funkship. May 2021.

Hi from my new dungeon!

Last month, after three wonderful years at my old location, I moved my dungeon. I'm so thankful for my time there, and over the past few weeks I've spent hours reflecting upon how important that space was for my growth and development, not only as a Dominant but as a person.

Don't let the sentiment fool you: I'm absolutely head over heels for my new space! Seriously, I can't stop gushing about it. My new location is in a downright beautiful neighborhood with more room than I've ever had before and an aesthetic that's a surrealistic mindfuck. I've never felt more at home somewhere so quickly. Needless to say, I adore taking sessions here!

Though I'm up and running, I still have a ways to go before I'll be satisfied. It's taken a bit longer to finish setting up than anticipated thanks to small hiccups like unexpected order fulfillment delays! It's certainly been a lesson in patience.

Perhaps the most frustrating thing for me to wait on right now is my new bondage furniture! I'm replacing all of my current furniture with designs that better suit my style and aesthetic, and I'm also adding some new pieces I'm really excited about. Each piece will take weeks to be designed and built, and that's before the time it'll take to be delivered all the way from Lithuania! I can't wait to share photos with you all.

I have a lot of new gear.

What fun is a fancy new dungeon without hundreds of dollars' worth of new gear to go along with it? Thanks to the Etsy gift cards I received last month, I supported small businesses and independent designers by going on quite the kinky shopping spree.

In addition to dungeon basics like new rope, floggers, and chastity cages, I splurged on some really exciting pieces for my ever-growing collection. Some of my favorite new acquisitions include two new sizes of Darlex sleep sacks, a set of nipple clamps covered in coarse, gritty sand, a devious gag perfect for objectification and humiliation scenes, and an unusual blindfold better suited for sensory overload than deprivation.

I'm still playing virtually.

Though I've been quite busy with the dungeon move, I'm still carving time out of my schedule to dominate eager submissives all over the world. In May I dished out assignments via text while in line to check out with quarts of touch-up paint at Lowe's, took calls from sluts while organizing my new dungeon, and laughed at more men on cam than I can count.

Can't make it to the dungeon to serve in person? Let's schedule something virtual!

Recently, I've been...

Reading: Milk Fed by Melissa Broder.

Listening To: The podcast Comedy Bang Bang. Binge-Watching: Generation Hustle on HBO Max.

Craving: Prince's Purple Rain on 180 gram vinyl.

Be good to yourself and to each other,

Mistress Petra Hunter