July 2021 Update

Dallas Dominatrix Mistress Petra Hunter
Photos taken in Dallas by The Funkship. May 2021.

Some of my new bondage furniture arrived!

Back in May, I ordered new bondage furniture to celebrate my new dungeon. Though I only planned to order upgraded replacements for each of my older pieces, I couldn't resist adding a few extra to my collection. Almost two months later, the first three finally arrived from Lithuania last week. My dungeon is now home to a kneeling pillory, a new and improved spanking bench, and a deviously cramped cage small enough to strike fear into the hearts of anyone remotely claustrophobic.

As I write this, I'm waiting on two more pieces: a combination table/cage, which is currently in production, and a chair that's still in the blueprint stages. It's no secret that I love investing in my business, so I'm sure it comes as no surprise that I'm already planning my next order! In fact, my browser currently has six tabs open as I attempt to figure out what I want to add to my collection next. Maybe a standing pillory, or a bench with leg stirrups, or a tower perfect for tease and denial...

My new furniture boasts a sleek design that works so, so well with both my new space and my personal aesthetic. Each piece is built to last with sturdy black steel and the red faux leather upholstery provides for a truly sanitary clean-up. I can't wait to share photos!

Dallas Dominatrix Mistress Petra Hunter

I upgraded my feminization supplies.

My month of June started with an especially fulfilling feminization encounter, which reminded me of just how much I love helping masculine folks feel pretty. I left the dungeon on such a high that it inspired me to upgrade my entire approach to feminization and sissification!

I started by giving my available cosmetics a much-needed overhaul, discarding anything already in my possession so that I could properly start from scratch. Three large online orders and one very expensive trip to NorthPark later, I'm pleased to say I've added everything necessary for a complete femme transformation, no matter the shade of your skin.

I went all out with my updates, adding far more than just lipstick and eyeshadow to my collection. Among other traditional makeup staples, I now offer primers, foundations, concealers, contour sticks, highlighters, eyebrow pomades, and setting sprays. I'm so excited to add this fun new dimension to my feminization play!

Upgrading my cosmetics inspired me to expand my sights to the rest of the room. Though my white dresser and vanity have served me well over the past four years or so, their chic replacements are currently in transit. I'm slowly improving my sissy wardrobe and just added four new satin dresses covered in lace and frills. Looking to explore your femininity in a way that's less fetishized? My closet offers plenty of everyday femme looks, too! Whether you're a size S or 3XL, I now have a number of cute dresses, skirts, and tops to choose from.

Recently, I've been...

Reading: Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance (thank you, b.t., for sending it off my wishlist a few months back!).

Listening To: The Sonics.

Binge Watching: Black Monday on Showtime.

Learning: How to roller skate! Prior to June, I hadn't been in easily 20 years.

Be good to yourself and to each other,

Mistress Petra Hunter