Taken by Four Teeth Studios. Dallas. July 2021.

I always take note of those who surprise me with unexpected gifts. I love receiving items from my Amazon Wishlist, cryptocurrencies, and e-gift cards to some of my favorite online shops. If ordering from my wishlist, please add a note that includes your email address so I know how to properly thank you!

Should you prefer to provide something a bit more personal, I love Aveda tea bags, Las Jaras wines (Glou Glou and Sweet Berry), and vegan treats from Reverie Bakeshop in Richardson.

In terms of other gifts, I prefer gift cards. I'm very particular when it comes to clothing, jewelry, and handbags, and while a gift card may seem like an impersonal gift to some, I assure you that's not the case. Gift cards allow me to pick something I know I'll love and appreciate for years to come.

If choosing an e-gift card, please send an amount of $50 or more. I don't shop at these stores often, and cards in smaller amounts are likely to wind up lost in my inbox rather than actually spent in a timely manner to treat myself as I'm sure you'd prefer.

For an especially thoughtful gift, consider donating to one of my favorite charities, listed below.

Charitable Donations:​

National Center for Transgender Equality

Southern Poverty Law Center

SPCA of Texas

SWOP Behind Bars

Favorite Gift Cards

please send all gifts to Petra@PetraHunter.com

Dungeon Gear: Bondage Webbing | Mr. S Leather

Dungeon Wardrobe: Artifice Clothing | Etsy

Food: DoorDash | Whole Foods

Jewelry: Margaret Cross

Lingerie: babylikestopony | Malice | The End

Technology: Apple