Are You Being Scammed?

Early in my career, I committed wholeheartedly to having an active online presence. This comes with plenty of benefits in a world that's increasingly digitalized, but it also has its downsides. One of the most unfortunate drawbacks to my online presence is that it makes me a target for scammers, who steal my photos and videos to take advantage of submissives who don't know any better. While it doesn't happen to me as often as some of my other dominant friends, every now and then I get contacted by a confused submissive who's been conned by an impersonator. Unfortunately, there's not much I can do to prevent that from happening– I'm usually only alerted to these fake accounts after damage has already been done. At the end of the day, it's up to you to determine the authenticity of who you're speaking with, but it's really quite simple if you use a bit of common sense. If you're ever confused as to whether or not you're actually communicating with me, it may help to ask yourself the following questions:

Photo by Flesh and Flora Photography. Dallas, Sept. 2019.

Who reached out first?

This is an easy one: I will never reach out to you first on any platform, be it FetLife, Twitter, Instagram, a dating app, a FemDom message board, etc. If you get an unsolicited message from me and we've never communicated before, you're dealing with a scammer. My protocol has always been for you to contact me first, usually through a paywall like or to show you value my time and attention. I'm a busy Mistress and I don't have time (or the desire!) to message strangers... especially for free.

Where are they contacting you?

I'm not on Bumble, Tinder, Hinge, FemDom Match, or any other dating app, be it vanilla or kinky. I'm not on Kik, Telegram, or WhatsApp, and I don't offer texting packages through a private number. The only messaging service I use is, which charges per text rather than a flat rate. I communicate through three email addresses: an auto-response for my online ads, a ProtonMail account, and an account associated with my site domain. None of my email accounts are with Yahoo, Hotmail, AOL, etc., nor do the email usernames include filler like underscores or numbers. Keep this in mind if you find me in your inbox.

What are they saying?

It's not uncommon for scammers to claim to be a Mistress looking for slaves. It's a dream come true for many submissives to receive a message from a gorgeous woman expressing a desire to enslave them, but in reality, messages like that are a huge red flag– especially if they're supposedly coming from me! I take slavery very seriously and will never openly solicit strangers for such a coveted position. I'm not looking for play partners in my personal life and have a strict protocol for booking real-time sessions. I'm a popular Mistress and there's a high demand for my time and attention: I simply don't have time to message strangers. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Photo by Alexandra Kacha. Austin, July 2019.

How are they asking for money?

Eventually, scammers usually ask their victims for money. Pay attention to how they're asking for payment and where they request you send it. If you're sending an e-giftcard, is it to one of my three email addresses, or is it to an account that doesn't look like it belongs to me? For payment apps, note that while I use a few common payment apps, each username follows the same guidelines as my email accounts: no numbers, underscores, etc. I don't have PayPal (in fact, I'm banned for life), so if someone asks for PayPal, it's a dead giveaway they're an imposter. I'll never tell you to send PayPal to a friend of mine so they can give me the money later.

How much money are they asking for?

Someone once tipped me off to an impersonator on a kinky dating site who'd stolen some of my photos and was asking for money for a cam session. The scammer asked for an amount far below what I usually charge. The victim sensed something was suspicious, so he visited my website and realized he was being conned after he saw my rates. Simply put, my time and attention are expensive. I'm not interested in exchanging countless emails or messages only for a $50 gift card, nor am I interested in working in any capacity for less than my posted rates.

If you're ever unfortunate enough to run into someone impersonating me, please contact me as soon as possible with a link to their profile so that I can take appropriate action. I can't always get these accounts removed, unfortunately, but I can at least alert others to their presence.