Introduction to BDSM (starts at $550 for an hour and a half)
Maybe you've been drawn to BDSM and female domination since you were a teenager, or maybe you've only recently noticed your desires. Regardless, you find yourself a stranger in this new world. Ninety minutes gives us time to properly explore a few of your simple interests. We'll take our time together, 

Traditional Power Exchange (starts at $325 for the first hour)

For the time we're together, I'm completely in charge. 

Full Femme Transformation (starts at $950 for three hours)

You crave something deeper than simply slipping into a pair of satin panties: There's something exciting about truly unleashing your feminine side. With three hours, 

You'll be given a full face of makeup, a beautiful wig, and plenty of outfits to model for me. 

Cuckolding (starts at $550 for the first hour)

There's nothing quite like being taunted with what you'll never have. Listen helplessly in bondage as I experience something you'll never give me at the hands of a trusted partner. Please note that as with all of my other sessions, intimate contact is prohibited: I don't need you for traditional clean-up duties and my partner certainly doesn't need you as a fluffer. Simply being close enough to hear me is far more than you deserve.

Extensive Preparation -- starts at $550 per hour

This session is

You know what you like and how you like it, and perhaps you even have a script you'd like our time together to follow. I'm happy to accomodate you, 

Dallas Dominatrix Mistress Petra Hunter

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