I always take note of those who surprise me with unexpected gifts. I love receiving gifts from my Amazon Wishlist and e-giftcards to some of my favorite online shops.

For those of you who love helping my business grow, I have my eye on an iPad Pro for webcam sessions. Apple gift cards to put towards my purchase or other necessary accessories are greatly appreciated.

Should you prefer to provide something a bit more personal, I love Aveda tea bags, Lush's Rose Jam bubbleroons, and vegan treats from Reverie Bakeshop in Richardson (I love their kolaches!).

In terms of other gifts, I prefer gift cards. I'm very particular when it comes to clothing, jewelry, and handbags, and while a gift card may seem like an impersonal gift to some, I assure you that's not the case! Gift cards allow me to pick something I know I'll love and appreciate for years to come.

For an especially thoughtful gift, consider donating to one of my favorite charities, listed below.

Charitable Donations:

SPCA of Texas

Southern Poverty Law Center

Institute for Justice

SWOP Behind Bars

She Should Run

National Center for Transgender Equality


Favorite Giftcards:
please send all giftcards to

Pampering: Lush Cosmetics, Anthropologie
Content Creation: Apple

Dungeon Gear: Mr. S Leather

Lingerie: Hopeless Lingerie   Honey Birdette

Practical: Uber Eats  Chewy

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