Dallas Dominatrix Mistress Petra Hunter

Why did you become a Dominatrix?
I listened to too much Nine Inch Nails as a young teenager. Oops!


How should I address you?

You may refer to me as Mistress or Ms. Hunter. Don't call me Goddess under any circumstances.

How can I request time with you?

To request a session, fill out my Session Request Form by clicking here. This is always the first step in scheduling time with me if we've never played together. Email me directly to schedule if we've seen each other within the past two years.

What are your rates?

Time with me begins at $600 for the first 90 minutes.

Do you offer one-hour sessions?

I have a 90-minute session minimum for all new clients, as well as those who haven't seen me in two years or more. Hour-long sessions are available at my discretion.

Do you give discounts?
Time with me is a luxury. If you can't afford my time, either save until you can or find a Dominatrix with different rates. I don't offer package deals, nor do I offer discounts to returning clients.

Do you see _____ clients?

I'm happy to see clients of all races, gender identities, and sexual orientations, so long as you pass my screening.

Can I be your slave?

All too often, eager submissives assume slavery means free playtime: with me, that's far from the case. Slavery is a privilege earned over time. I'm quite selective when it comes to those I allow into my dungeon to begin with, and I'm considerably more discerning with those I allow in my presence off the clock. Mutual compatibility for even the smallest tasks is important to me, and as such, I'm only interested in training those who've played privately with me at least three times. These same rules apply to prospective domestic slaves or errand boys.

How can I get to know you prior to a session?

I love getting to know submissives prior to playing together! Considering my love of psychological domination, having a better idea of who you are and how your mind works adds a special intimacy to our dynamic. The best way to get to know me before our session is to text me or call me. Both of the platforms I use for these services are safe and discreet, allowing for complete anonymity on your end. If you'd prefer to get to know me face-to-face, I recommend booking a cam session. Social time is available at my discretion, but it's not a substitute for screening.


What happens if I'm running late?
When you book an appointment with me, I make personal and professional decisions based on your commitment. Because of my already limited availability, I can't accommodate tardiness. Knowing Dallas traffic, I encourage all clients to allow an extra ten minutes of travel time to account for unexpected delays.

How can I make a good impression?

Above all, be respectful. Be polite and concise in our communication prior to play unless we're chatting through phone or text. Arriving with a gift (or leaving a tip!) is always appreciated, too. I'm especially fond of donations to the SPCA, treats from Reverie Bakeshop in Richarson, and gift cards to Whole Foods and Nordstrom.

Do you mentor new Dominants?

While I'm flattered each time I'm approached to be a possible mentor by new Dominants, I don't provide training, mentorship, or apprenticeship. Should you wish to pick my brain, I'm usually happy to provide a bit of advice via email. Phone consultations start at $100 for the first hour.

Can I rent your dungeon?

My dungeon is my sanctuary. It's not available for rent for sessions, photo shoots, date nights, or play parties.