I proudly take sessions at the Dallas Dungeon, my private dungeon and playspace. The Dallas Dungeon is located in a quiet neighborhood on the outskirts of Deep Ellum. This location is minutes away from uptown and downtown Dallas, and is convenient to major highways, public transportation, and the best music venues in Dallas. Parking is plentiful: a rare thing to find in such a popular part of town!

I'm a bit of a germaphobe, and sanitation is a high priority of mine-- especially these days! Dungeon furniture and toys are always cleaned thoroughly with a medical-grade sanitizer after each use. Protective barriers are always used on toys when appropriate and towels are always bleached when washed. I will never expect you to play with something I myself am not comfortable touching.

I have a monthly budget for new dungeon gear and am always on the hunt for creative new toys to add to my arsenal.

Dallas Dominatrix Mistress Petra Hunter

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