Protocol Last Updated: May 20, 2020


Though Texas is officially open for business, I'm limiting my availability for sessions for our mutual safety, setting my schedule on a month-by-month basis so that I can best monitor how the virus continues to develop. I'll be sure to update my website accordingly, but you can always find my updated protocol here.

Now Booking

These dates are dependent on virus conditions and will be rescheduled if necessary.

June: Friday the 5, Saturday the 6, Sunday the 21, Monday the 22

July: Dates TBD

All touring is suspended until further notice.


  • Masks required. For our mutual safety, masks are required for both of us. This means some activities, like spit play, are off the table-- though I prefer thinking of it as a new form of tease and denial rather than a limitation. I'll be wearing disposable gloves at all times and changing them often. For now, I'm most comfortable in catsuits and other outfits which keep my body fully clothed.

  • Monitor your symptoms. Though I recognize that many times, those infected with COVID are asymptomatic, I ask that you don't book with me if you've been experiencing any COVID symptoms, even if you think it's just allergies or the flu. If you've already booked when your symptoms hit, please reach out promptly to reschedule. If you show up to the dungeon with a cough or a fever, I'll consider that a deliberate disregard for my safety and you'll be sent home without a refund.

  • Traveling? Make it worth it. I'm most comfortable playing with clients in the DFW area, but I'm happy to see select clients from out of town who've driven privately, rather than traveled by bus or plane. Because every city and state is handling the virus differently and because travel increases overall risk of COVID exposure and spread, I request a three-hour session minimum for out-of-towners to compensate for the additional health risks I'm taking to play with you.

  • Limited availability. So that I can monitor my health, I'm waiting at least two weeks between scheduling play periods. For each play period, I'm limiting my availability to up to three sessions per date worked. Same-day sessions are not an option, nor are sessions outside of my posted dates. Because of this extremely limited availability, there will be a surcharge should you prefer to be my guaranteed first client of the day.


To keep us both safe, I'm holding myself to strict standards. I've been self-isolating at home since late March, only leaving the house to run errands I can't complete inside, like going to the post office, bank, or to pick up an item at a specialty grocery store I'm unable to get delivered. Though Texas is technically open for business, I'm acting like it's not: I'm not visiting restaurants or parks, nor do I have plans to visit hair and nail salons, movie theaters, or the mall. I always wear a mask when I'm out running errands, and I wash and sanitize my hands frequently. If I ever notice any symptoms of my own after you've booked a session with me, even if I think it's just allergies or a small head cold, I'll be reaching out promptly to find a solution that works for both of us.

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