Dallas Dominatrix Mistress Petra Hunter

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Envious of the slaves you see serving in my clips? You don't have to be: I'm always on the hunt for eager film slaves! Serving as a film slave allows you to play with me while making yourself genuinely useful-- the best of both worlds! Because filming is quite different than a regular session, I'm currently offering filmed sessions for a small discount. This means that filmed sessions start at $250 per hour. Please note that I'm only interested in filming with those who have served me privately at least three times.

I'm currently most interested in filming the following activities:


Electro Play


Impact Play

Nipple Torment




Masks are available upon request, and small tattoos may be covered when practical. Priority will be given to those who are willing to film unmasked.


Note that upon your arrival on the date of filming, you'll be required to sign a model release form and provide two valid copies of your ID. This is standard protocol in the adult industry and is non-negotiable. The content we produce will be sold on my clip sites and posted on my PornHub channel. I'll also take photos and small videos for my premium Snapchat.


If interested in serving as a film slave, fill out my Film Slave Application below.