Dallas Dominatrix Mistress Petra Hunter

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I most enjoy the psychological aspects of BDSM: I love the anticipation that slowly fills the room and the goosebumps that follow. During scenes, I love sensory deprivation, extensive role plays, and the magic of whispering the right words into my play partner's ear. I love the sound of my wooden hairbrush making impact with skin, the whoosh of my cane as it cuts through the air, the muffled whimpers of my submissive. It's simple: I'm a predator, and you're my prey.

Though I certainly have a sadistic streak, I'm not a one-dimensional ice queen. I love laughing in scenes, cracking cheesy jokes when appropriate, and creating games rigged against the submissive playing them. I'm playful and predatory, the ingénue and femme fatale.


When I'm not playing in person at my private dungeon, I film clips and play with submissives over the phone and through text. I've been a guest on the podcast Off The Cuffs (find my episode here!) and also own two kinky businesses: The Sissy Kit, which offers sissy supplies and downloadable sissy training, and Live To Obey, which offers downloadable humiliation assignments.

In my personal time, I write poetry, prose, and nonfiction. I love early Elvis movies, listening to podcasts, and taking my dog to the park. A long video conversation with a friend that goes into my professional and personal life may be found here.

With so many fulfilling avenues to devote my time, it's only natural that I'm selective about those I allow into my realm. Impress me with your generosity and respect. You only have one opportunity to make a good impression. 


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